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Registration commences at the beginning of each calendar year. Classes are on Wednesday evenings, 19:00 – 21:00. The modules are structured and time based. Recognition will be awarded after completion of each programme.

Registration: R350 (Once off, non-refundable)
Monthly: R330

Registration is not restricted to the beginning of the year. Students study and complete assignments at their own pace within an 18-month period. Access to the internet and an email address that can be accessed regularly is a requirement. Recognition will be awarded after completion of each programme. Fees Registration: R350 (Once off, non-refundable) Per Module: R330

During the course of the year certain modules will be made available to attend by anyone at our local campus.

Per Module: R450

Individual modules can be accessed at your leisure without having to register for a programme. Should a student pursue further learning these can be allocated as credit towards the programmes.

Per Module: R450

Study Programmes

Our training centre offers a Word-based experience through each programme. We offer the following study programmes.
Establish and build a powerful faith foundation.
1. The Blood Covenant 7. The Character of Jesus
2. Spirtitual Disciplines 8. Romans verse by verse
3. The Holy Spirit 9. Principles of Prayer
4. The Gifts of the Spirit 10. Developing Disciples
5. The Fruit of the Spirit 11. Principles of Faith
6. Walking in the Spirit 12. Kingdom Principles
Deepen the growth of your faith foundation.
1. Discover your Calling and Gifts 7. The Words and Works of Jesus
2. The Old Testament 1 8. Practical Discipleship
3. The Old Testament 2 9. Life and Journeys of Paul
4. Healing and Deliverance 10. Angels & Demons
5. The Early Church 11. Church History
6. Marriage, Divorce, Re-Marriage 12. World Religions
Excel in God’s call and purpose for your life.
1. Synopsis of the Gospels 7. The Book of Hebrews
2. Discipline in the Church 8. Dressed for Battle
3. Missions and Evangelism 9. Preaching Principles
4. Bible Doctrines 10. Tabernacle of Moses
5. Introduction to Hebrew and Greek 11. The Last Words of Paul
6. Excellence of Ministry 12. The Man of God

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